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Japan Media Matters

MJN (Media Japan Network) utilizes its New York based network and many years of research experiences on US media industries (broadcasting, advertising, technology), providing Japanese media with analysis of US media practices, research & consulting services, investment advices and business development.


Media Reports, Market Research & Analysis,
Coordinating local visits

  • Subscription based media reports
  • Project-based customized market and trend research
  • Overall coordination of local visits from scheduling to translating

Strategic Consulting
Investment Advisory

  • Supporting broadcasters’ media strategy through analysis of US media practices
  • Strategic consulting of M&As and investment advisory

Program Sales, Joint production,
Program purchases

  • Program Sales to US broadcasters
  • Program purchases from US broadcasters
  • Joint production with US broadcasters

Translating, Event Planning
TV Show / Video Production, Marketing planning

  • Translations for media industry trends, broadcasting systems and policies, advertising, newest technologies and systems, specialized fields
  • Prior research/negotiations, event operations, sponsorship sales, marketing agent
  • Planning for TV shows/video productions in the US
  • Business expansion marketing planning in the US, media buying


  • Network

    Using New York (a central hub for everything media related), we will provide services connecting the four big US networks (CBS, NBC, ABC, FOX), MVPD and cable channels (Comcast, ESPN), OTT (Netflix, Hulu, Amazon), and news media companies (ie. VICE, Buzzfeed, NowThis).

  • On-Site Principles

    We will obtain the latest news direct from the original sources and provide unbiased information.

  • Mutual Understanding between Japan and America

    Not only will we provide the successful practices in the US media, but we will also provide the best solution for Japanese media by combining experiences from the Japanese media industry as well as our many years of US media research.


Takuya WatanabePresident and CEO

Takuya Watanabe runs his own company, Media Japan Network, Inc., which provides consultancy to Japanese major TV broadcasters and agencies, helping them build new business strategies, sales/revenue models and teams/partnerships to support their business growth.
Takuya joined Fuji Television Network, Inc., one of the biggest TV broadcasters in Japan in 2002 after graduating from Keio University with a degree in economics. After stints in the programming and production departments, Takuya transferred to Human Resource department in preparation for the managerial position in FCI, subsidiary of Fuji Television in New York.
In 2008, Takuya moved to New York where he served as a director of business development. He oversaw a wide range of projects such as developing strategic partnerships with ad technology companies, investing on US startups, and developing and producing television, internet and theatrical content for the U.S. market.
Takuya left Fuji Television and founded Media Japan Network, Inc. in 2016. He works primarily with Tokyo five major broadcasters and two big advertising agencies in developing advanced ad products with data and technologies by partnership or investment with/on US ad techs. He also provides advisory on investment for TV and musical content.
Takuya lives in Westchester with his family.


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